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About Jordy

Hi there! I'm Jordy. I am an actor, actor combatant, and visual artist born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. I am also a vegetarian of five years, a feminist, and a proud mom to three dogs named Beth, Memphis, and Weenie (pictured below for your enjoyment). I earned a BFA in theatre and a minor in dance from the University of Memphis Department of Theatre & Dance. Now, I work as a freelance visual artist and teaching performance artist. I also run my own small business from this very website-check it out! I design apparel, paint original works, handmake jewelry, and more. I prioritize joy, positivity, and social justice in both my acting and visual art as a means of making the world a more compassionate community. I am particularly passionate about racial justice, gender equality, LGBTQIA+ rights, combatting ableism, and preventing climate change. 

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